Orthotics are medical grade, therapeutic devices that sit under your feet in your shoes and are used for a variety of reasons depending on your needs. They are prescribed to realign your feet and control abnormal foot mechanics resulting in a more mechanically stable and efficient posture for walking or running.

At times we also prescribe orthotics to offload painful, high pressure points such as corns, or to provide extra cushioning and shock absorption to reduce strain on unstable or arthritic joints. They may be used by everyone from athletes to the elderly and often people think that orthotics are just for people with flat feet but this is incorrect. Orthodics may be prescribed to treat many different foot and lower-limb problems, as well as pain further up including hip and back pain by promoting normal function.

We can offer a choice of the following types of orthodics if you need them:

Custom made Functional Orthotics are designed specifically for you using modern scanning and measurement techniques, to most accurately improve the stability and function of your feet in all three planes of motion.

Semi Custom orthodics are designed for your feet using a template, with the knowledge of your foot mechanics in mind.

They will improve the stability and function of your feet and have very good durability.

Off the Shelf orthotics are pre-fabricated inserts that offer basic support for your feet. We can supply tried and tested quality brands that are only available through Podiatrists. They are a very affordable option that can be tailored to your foot type with additions or modifications.