Foot Pain

What is causing my foot pain?

Pain is not normal! It can have many causes and may be the result of a problem in one of the many structures that make up your foot. Or it may be related to an issue further up your body that affects the way you walk and how you load your foot.

Many people don’t know when to visit a foot specialist, and often wait longer than they need before they have their foot problem checked. We can accurately assess, diagnose and manage your pain and get you doing the things you love again!

Our Podiatrists will spend time with you to thoroughly assess the area where you are experiencing pain.  To start, we will listen carefully   to what you tell us about how, what, when are where your pain began – and how this is impacting your life now!  We will use our hands-on experience as well as diagnostic tools to establish a diagnosis and start treating the problem straight away.

In the event we need further information to understand what’s happening we will refer you for x-rays, ultrasound (Medicare rebates apply) or other medical imaging.  Any medical images that you may already have are very helpful to bring along to your appointment.

We also like to check out the footwear that you use on a day to day basis to reveal clues about how your feet work.