Diabetic Feet

Let us teach you how to take the best care of your feet when you are diabetic.  We will make you aware of changes to watch for and when you should see us urgently.

Because diabetes complications can occur in your feet, your GP will usually refer you to visit a podiatrist. This is so the nerves and arteries that supply your feet can be checked and monitored, even if you’re feet are feeling fine.   Maintenance podiatry treatment with regular foot screenings and routine foot care is very important to prevent diabetic foot complications from occurring.

Unfortunately, diabetes is still the leading cause of foot and leg amputations in Australia.  And so anything we can do to help prevent the development of ulceration, gangrene or amputation is a priority for us.  Prevention is always better than cure!

So, why are feet so vulnerable?

With diabetes, unstable blood sugar levels in the body can begin to damage blood vessels and nerves that supply your feet. This can result in a lack of blood flow to areas and may delay the ability of a wound to heal. Similar damage to the nerves can occur and unfortunately you will not necessarily be aware that you have cut your foot or are getting a blister etc.   This kind of damage to the nerves is known as ‘peripheral neuropathy’.

Unsure if something is wrong?

If you are diabetic and have any concerns about your feet… always contact us for an urgent check.  Whether it is that they feel ‘a bit strange’ or there is a sore on your foot that you hadn’t noticed or unexplained redness or swelling in your feet please call immediately.  We will always make time to check and advise you regarding your concern.  There is never a silly question as far as we are concerned.  We will happily provide the support and assurance you need to guide your way through diabetes and foot related issues.

For additional support regarding diabetes please see www.diabeteswa.com.au