Foot Mobilization

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Our Podiatrists have undergone additional training in this hands-on technique that frees up the joints in your feet and ankles that are a bit stuck. This allows them to function the way nature intended. Your body’s balance system is stimulated providing postural stability and a reduction in unnecessary pain messages to your brain.

A bit like when you’ve had a cast on, soft-tissues can become tight and restricted when they are injured or compensating for another area. We need to mobilize these tissues to release adhesions and restrictions around the joint, and stimulate the body’s natural repair systems. It takes 90 days for the body to turnover joint and ligament cells, and replace damaged cells with healthy new ones. It is within one of these cycles that changes to fix the mechanical integrity of your feet can occur.


Specific muscle strengthening and stretching is a part of this therapy that you can do at home to create quicker pain relief and tissue repair. It is a proven alternative treatment for heel and arch pain, Achilles tendonitis, ankle problems, knee pains and more. To correct the underlying cause of your problem, let us assess and provide the care you need.